Additional Services

In addition to our other outlined services, we will provide guidance and advice with respect to:

Sub-Trust Allocation and Funding

Trusts often contain provisions requiring that sub-trusts be formed at the death of the grantor for the benefit of surviving beneficiaries such as spouses or children.  We will provide guidance in order to identify, evaluate and determine proper sub-trust and beneficiary allocations and funding of assets. We will work with the Trustee to maximize all tax benefits and confirm distribution and funding per the terms of the Trust. 


Estate Litigation
We will assist with a wide range of probate and trust disputes, including both Will and Trust contests, claims against the Estate or Trust, and civil or other lawsuits filed against or brought on behalf of the Decedent.

Modification of Trusts
In many cases, Trusts need to be modified because of changed circumstances not contemplated by the original Grantors. Although these trusts often state that they may not be modified, we have represented Trusts which have been successfully modified to conform to changes in law or fact with the approval of the court.

Claims Against Fiduciaries
One of the most frequently litigated areas relates to alleged fiduciary malfeasance. We have prosecuted and defended fiduciaries with regard to allegations that Executors, Administrators, and/or Trustees have failed to carry out their fiduciary duties. These duties have become increasingly complex, and compliance with the myriad duties is one of our specialities.